Laboratory Audits and Consulting

CMI is a consortium of experts in Condition Monitoring, particularly oil analysis, as well as Domain Experts in the field of oil analysis evaluation, led by Jack Poley, a world-renowned expert and veteran of 50+ years in Condition Monitoring and architect of Prescienttm, CMI’s acclaimed oil analysis management tool. Below are the resumes of our primary technical core, offering the highest levels of experience and knowledge covering every aspect of condition monitoring: program design and management, laboratory test facilities installations, lubricants, and lubrication training & audits. This group is sought by companies and organizations worldwide.

Jack PoleyJack Poley – Managing General Partner and President

Jack has a B.S., Chemistry and B.S., Management from University of California [Berkeley] and New York University School of Commerce, respectively, with over 50 years’ experience and service in Condition Monitoring and ISFA (In-Service Fluid Analysis, a.k.a. Oil Analysis).

A member of ASTM & STLE for nearly 50 years, Jack co-founded STLE’s Condition Monitoring Technical Committee and founded the Condition Monitoring Education Course. Jack also co-founded STLE’s successful Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) Program. He is an STLE Fellow.

Jack has authored numerous chapters for various publications, and writes a bi-monthly column, On Condition Monitoring, for STLE’s Tribology and Lubrication Transactions magazine. He has presented hundreds of papers and >150 seminars worldwide on condition monitoring. Jack is senior technical advisor to Parker-Kittiwake Americas, a company specializing in ISFA technology, including on-line sensors. He is managing general partner of Condition Monitoring International, LLC (CMI), a company specializing in helping others implement condition monitoring (CM) programs, including the use of an intelligent agent, Prescient, which Jack designed for auto-evaluation of ISFA and other CM test data.

Jack Poley, Managing Partner
6619 S. Dixie Hwy, Unit 303
Miami FL 33143

Michel MurphyMichel Murphy – Partner and Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Michel was educated at College Jean-de-Brebeuf, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and has over 20 years experience in Oil Analysis and related Condition Monitoring activities, specializing in Marketing & Sales. His past activities include directing marketing and sales efforts for a commercial oil analysis laboratory in Quebec.

In 1998 he formed Michel Murphy Enterprises, a platform for providing test instrumentation as well as consulting to industry in terms of lubrication, filtration, purification and related training, further honing his expertise in oil analysis,.

Michel was the 2000-2001 President of STLE and on the Society’s Board for a period of 12 years, and is a specialist in the area of condition monitoring technology and applications. In more recent years, he has worked with several other STLE leaders to develop a certification program for individuals involved in oil monitoring and analysis (OMA), which he championed and co-founded.