Laboratory Information Management System

LabTrak is the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
purpose-built for used oil analysis for your small to mid-size lab operation.

LabTrak seamlessly integrates with Prescient, the intelligent automated oil analysis system. This optional feature provides your lab with
reliable, detailed, and expert analysis of oil samples using the full knowledge and expertise resident in Prescient.

LabTrak Features:

  • Customer Accounts includes individual report recipients designated to receive printed or emailed reports
  • Accounts can be easily edited, merged, or moved as organizations change
  • Equipment and Components are richly defined to enable informed analysis of samples and provide detailed reporting
  • Information includes equipment and component identifiers such as: type, manufacturer, and application
  • Sample Entry with an intuitive user interface to simplify entry of sample information
  • Test Packages are easily defined and applied to components to streamline the entry process and guarantee the correct tests are performed
  • Sample Management provides for oversight of the status of a sample, review of data, and entry of non-automated test data
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation Comments may be easily performed by an analyst
  • An analyst can create his own table of sample flagging levels and library of coded comments
  • Reports are created with a commercial report generator to provide professional quality reporting by print or email
  • Usability features are included throughout the system including flexible searches, intelligent auto-completion during data entry, and a tab-oriented user home page

Add the Prescient option for expert data analysis and assessment automatically performed on every sample to provide your customers sound,
relevant and detailed diagnostic, mechanical, and lube condition comments.

LabTrak uses an open-database technology that supports multiple users with transition available to a user database, such as SQL Server or Oracle

LabTrak is compatible with Windows 7/8/NT/XP, Macintosh OS X, and Linux