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Fluid Analysis (Fa) laboratories emphasize response time, instrumentation and software for distributing reports and managing data, and that’s fine, but there is less emphasis on quality and specificity of the commentary (if any) on the report. Missing in this evolving process is continuous improvement in the Evaluation of the test data toward appropriate maintenance management action, yet that is the Goal of Fa! 

Prescient is an Intelligent Agent designed specifically for Fa data rating and evaluation. Three distinct processes are blended:

1. Statistical data analysis creates Boundary Tables for assessing severity of test results, based on logical, hierarchical component categorization.

2. Expert domain knowledge is manipulated via AI (Artificial Intelligence) and applied to combinations of severity ratings in given configurations and applications.

3. Nuanced AI pattern recognition applies tailored comments, combining data rating with expert domain knowledge - the knowledge is continuously updated via ongoing statistical processing and new information.
Delivering the analyses to the customer in an intuitive, accessible and easy to use form is critical to the success of an oil analysis program. Prescient delivers results to your web browser in a series of views designed by analysis experts to provide the presentation of information for each customer and each purpose. Whether looking for a quick overview of equipment status or detailed drill-down into a particular sample and analysis, Prescient provides the right information quickly and concisely.

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