STLE-Approved Training Seminars

Our Training modules are well-crafted presentations with in-depth text notes, delivered to Seminar attendees in an electronic form. Seminars are taught either on-site or offered at a designated location several times a year. Our on-site Seminars can be tailored with examples cases from your organization or modified to meet your specific training needs. CMI offers training for all aspects of fluid analysis.

Currently we are not offering Public courses but we do offer private on-site training from 1-4 days, dependent on specific needs. For a quotation, please indicate your requirements and goals, including number of people that would be attending, as well as number of days (we can help you assess that if you’re not sure), and we would be glad to provide an estimate. Thanks for your interest.


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We offer a number of modules including these primary Seminars:

Oil Monitoring Analysis – OMA 101 - 2 Days

A Basic course in Oil Analysis that draws from a number of topics and references to the STLE OMA Body of Knowledge. It is designed to provide useful information and definitions for the following persons: an oiler or person securing the sample, persons preparing to become data Evaluators, persons receiving Oil Analysis reports and similar positions. Much of the information deals with practical information, recommended tests and standard techniques for sampling, including proper sample information. If you participate in an Oil Analysis program, this course is very useful for you.

Oil Monitoring Analysis – OMA 201 - 2 Days

An advanced course pointed toward Evaluators, the persons whose job it is to provide recommendations or prepare work orders for the machinery being monitored. The purpose and application of various tests is discussed in depth for a variety of component types. Understanding data sensitivity, values and movement (trends) is thoroughly discussed, as well as the ultimate goal of Oil Analysis: delivery of a practical assessment of machine and oil condition. Numbers of examples are provided to demonstrate the thinking and reasoning that should be applied toward arriving at a logical and defensible conclusion when rendering commentary. CMI also introduces a chapter on the changing role of Oil Analysis in terms of holistic machine monitoring. The advent of dependable lube properties sensors, coupled with evermore sophisticated, portable onsite analytical instrumentation, propels Oil Analysis into parity with vibration and all other non-destructive testing (NDT), providing long-awaited realtime, site-direct machine assessment and protection. If you manage an Oil Analysis program, this course is very useful for you.

Equipment Lubrication - 2 Days

Nowhere is 'Best Practices' more important in machinery maintenance than proper equipment lubrication. CMI's Equipment Lubrication course covers basic and advanced principles of lubrication, as well as lubricant & filter selection and maintenance. Delivery and storage considerations are an important part of a lubrication program, too, and those areas are fully addressed. If you are in any way involved with lubricant procurement, application or disposal, this course will be very useful for you.

Customized Training Programs

CMI also offers individually tailored training at Customer sites, based on topics of particular interest. Please let us know your needs and we can offer programs of 1-3 days for any number of people (though we recommend limiting classes to 40 people).

Seminar Testimonials

“A good complement to vibration analysis. It also connects a worker with his maintenance activities” Pierre Paquet, supervisor, Emco, building products”

“You have an excellent lubrication training Seminar. Well crafted, a good guide. Well explained. I really liked your trainer”. Pascal Lortie, mechanical sup., Aur Ressources(mining), February 2005

“Anyone involved in the lubrication domain should participate”. Jean Martin, hydraulic and lubrication specialist, Kruger inc. (pulp and paper)

“The Seminar is well structured. Many examples of real life situations. Good source of information. Many practical examples for day to day work”. Yves Tremblay, technical adviser, Petro-Canada

“The Seminar is very interesting and completes a mechanical training, supplying more knowledge to lubrication specialists”. Jean Veilleux, Abitibi Consolidated, Belgo Division